Established in 1959

1If your child is enrolled in September/October Club Wednesday Science club, they can not sign up for Club Tuesday October Science club.  Club Tuesday October Science and Club Wednesday Sept/Oct Science are duplicate lessons.
2.  Below are the descriptions for October Club Tuesday.
3.  Club slots will be filled in the order the child's online registration form is submitted to us.  Payment must be made by clicking on the Club Tuesday Payment link once you complete the registration.  Payment is made through paypal with a credit card.  
4.  If the club you select is full when we get to your child's online registration form, we will call or email you to see if you want a different club option.  

5.  Club Tuesday is only available for the children enrolled in a 3-year-old or 4-year old VPK class.  

6.  Registration will go live on our website on Thursday the 21st of September at 10:00 a.m.  




​                                     HALLOWEEN SCIENCE  (LIMITED TO 18 CHILDREN)

OCTOBER 3:   WAKE UP THE GHOST!- Watch what happens to your ghost when we mix a few special ingredients together! This is an awesome experiment of a chemical reaction, and your mad scientist will love to wake up their ghost!

OCTOBER 10HOCUS POCUS POTIONS LAB -  Do you want to add a little spooky science this year? Our Hocus Pocus Potions experiment is perfect for a young mad scientist!  We'll have fun mixing bubbling potions with household ingredients.

​OCTOBER 17:  HALLOWEEN FLOAM- Halloween is an excellent time to put a little twist on classic slime experiments, like this Halloween Floam. Squishy, moldable floam is the perfect treat for kids this Halloween!

OCTOBER 24: SLIME - We will continue our study on SLIME by adding some special ingredients to our recipe. Get ready for more ooey, gooey science!

OCTOBER 31: SPOOKY GHOST POM POM POPPERS- We will have plenty of Halloween fun making these pom-pom poppers!  We'll learn about kinetic, potential energy, and trajectory.

​                                                MONSTER MASH-UP ART (LIMITED TO 18 CHILDREN)

OCTOBER 3:  POOL NOODLE MONSTER- He won't keep you afloat but he will make some scary waves. Create a scary silly monster from a pool noodle.

OCTOBER 10:  COFFEE FILTER BAT- Flap, Flap, Flap go my wings and I hang upside down. We will make a spooktacular bat!

OCTOBER 17:  JACK O' LANTERN SUNCATCHER- Round and orange I grow on a vine, but you will turn me into a Jack O'Lantern for the sun to shine through.

OCTOBER 24:  WITCHES BROOM- Upon their brooms, witches swoop and fly through the sky.  We will create our very own by working on our fine motor skills.

OCTOBER 31:  MONSTER PARTY HATS- Calling all monsters! Create your very own monster party hat, and then dance away to the monster mash as we get ready for Halloween!

                                    MUSCLES IN MOTION FITNESS (LIMITED TO 18 CHILDREN)

OCTOBER 3:  FALL "SOCCER" FUN- We will be decorating inflatable soccer balls, talking about good sportsmanship and head outside to learn basic soccer skills.

OCTOBER 10:  WINTER WONDERLAND- We will be decorating paper plate ice skates and then head to the activity hall for some "ice skating" fun! We will end our day with a good old fashioned "Florida" snow ball toss!

OCTOBER 17:  LET'S "SPRING" INTO SPRING- We will talk about the basics of movement and dance and then head to the activity hall for some energetic dancing, parachute play, and balloon games!

OCTOBER 24:  "SUNSATIONAL" SUMMER GAMES- We will be learning how to hula-hoop, then head outside for fun relay races and other outdoor running and hopping games!

OCTOBER 31:  HALLOWEEN FUN!'- We will finish the month with some Halloween themed games and dances, and then we head outside where we will end our day with an outside chalk art and bubble party!